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5-Pack Refill Activated Coconut Carbon Filter

Item Code: 5RCF
Price: $37.00

5-Pack Refill Activated Coconut Carbon Filter Description Below


Contents of the Activated Coconut Carbon Filter: **(A limited number of NO COCONUT is still available. Call for availability.)**

Air layed web material consisting of powdered activated coconut carbon bound onto a polyester support material with a modified acrylonitrile copolymer latex (this synthetic latex does not contain the protein of natural rubber). Check content with your medical doctor. The mask should not be worn near fire. Latex-free elastic is on all masks.

United States: Miller-Nelson Research (California, USA) MNR tested the activated carbon filter for effective filtering of both BENZENE and SULFUR DIOXIDE. Both of these substances are commonly found in automobile exhaust and are present in every busy urban area. The MNR testers concluded that: "We are satisfied that the activated carbon filter significantly reduces these air-borne pollutants."

Available in #2-Pack, #5-Pack.


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