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Allersearch ADS™ - Fabric & Carpet Spray

Item Code: AllersearchADS
Price: $29.95

Allersearch ADS™ - Fabric & Carpet Spray Description Below

Allersearch ADS™ is a mild, natural tannic acid spray that is applied to carpeting and upholstery. ADS™ denatures dust allergens consisting of dust mite waste, cat and other household pet dander, molds, mildew, and pollen, rendering these allergens harmless. Allersearch ADS™ is safe and virtually odorless. One 32 oz spray bottle is enough to cover 600 sq. ft. area. For best results alternate between ADS™ and Allersearch X-Mite™ every 2 months.

* Do Not Use on Water Sensitive Fabrics, such as silk, or White or Off White Fabrics.

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