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Andas® - Inhalator

Item Code: Andas-Inhalator
Price: $13.95

Andas® - Inhalator Description Below


ANDAS® Inhalator

Natural inhalation therapy for decongestion and symptomatic relief of respiratory discomforts

Why Inhalation Therapy?

Steam/vapor inhalation therapy is a natural aid for respiratory health and general well being. By loosening secretions and reducing mucous levels, steam/vapr inhalation therapy opens up congested nasal passages and sinuses - allowing you to breathe more easily. Andas Inhalator is an all natural, drug-free device that provides relief for airways - gently and effectively. Andas Inhalator can also be used in conjuction with nasal irrigation. Decongesting your nasal passages prior to rinsing makes the process easier and more comfortable - particularly when you are severely congested. Andas Sinus Blend pre-measured packets contain a powdered mix of peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary (silicate, dextrose)- herbs considered for centuries to be powerful in fighting symptoms associated with many respiratory discomforts.

  • ANDAS® - Inhalator with 10 packets of Andas Sinus Blend- $13.95


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