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Grossan Original Sinus Irrigator Tip

Item Code: GSinusIrrigatorT
Price: $16.95

Grossan Original Sinus Irrigator Tip Description Below


Grossan Original Sinus Irrigator Tip

Most upper respiratory problems including sinus infections & allergies are related to poor function of nasal cilia, tiny hairs in the mucous membranes that act to remove pollutants and contagion's. Most drugs and sprays treat such problems symptomatically. Some drugs kill the bacteria for the moment, but don't improve the body's long term ability to fight contagion. Pulsatile nasal irrigation, however, provides drugless sinus relief by improving ciliary function. The basis of your body's natural defense against upper respiratory problems - cilia - work better. *Medically Proven*. Regular irrigation not only makes you feel well for the moment, it improves your long term susceptibility to sinus disease. The Original Sinus Irrigator® is a gentle and soothing drug free treatment for sinus and allergy conditions. Developed by nationally recognized Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist over twenty-five years ago it is the original and remains the best recommended device for sinus irrigation. It's unique and patented design was developed to accurately modify the pressure and pulse rate of an oral irrigator safely and effectively for the purpose of sinus irrigation. Supported by 37 medical reports The Original Sinus Irrigator® helps clear nasal congestion, post nasal drip, and prevent sinus infection. Recommended by leading health professionals, hospitals, and universities as an effective device for sinus and allergy conditions. It's unique design is 100% hypo allergenic with gentle pressure control and a form fitting nasal applicator. 25 year record of safety and performance.

This Tip Fits Only Hydro-Pulse Model Unit.
Benefits of Pulsatile Irrigation:
  • Washing with saline removes certain virus products, making less work for the body's natural immune and disease fighting systems.
  • With a cold, the mucus of the nose thickens. This impairs the nasal cilia movement that is needed for health. With irrigation, the thick mucus is removed and is
  • replaced by thin saline. This allows the cilia to move again to defend the body.
  • Pulsation moves the cilia back and forth, which helps restore normal movement of the cilia.
  • Warm saline encourages blood flow to the sinus and nasal passage linings.
  • Saline is good for the nose; it keeps the nasal and sinus tissues moist and helps the nose to heal.
  • Anyone can irrigate their own sinuses. With the Original Sinus Irrigator® you don't need any special training. We even have 5 year old kids doing it all by themselves!
This Tip Fits Only Hydro-Pulse Model Unit.

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