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Himalayan Salt Inhaler

Item Code: HimalayanSaltAirInhaler
Price: $34.95

Himalayan Salt Inhaler Description Below


Himalayan Salt Air Inhaler - A Natural Aid for Respiratory Health from SquiP

What is salt air inhalation therapy?

Known as "Halotherapy" (halo = Salt), salt air inhalation therapy is an easy-to-use drug-free method that eases symptoms of respiratory discomforts. It is also called "Speleotherapy" (speleos = cave), as the salty atmosphere of deep salt caves has been used for centuries to benefit the respiratory system. Today's salt inhalers were designed to recreate a similar micro climate - providing slat cave therapy without actually having to venture deep into salt cave.

How does it work?

Himalayan salt crystals are placed between two porcelain filters inside the refillable inhaler. As you inhale through the mouthpiece, the moisture of the passing air absorbs microscopic salt particles which permeate through the respiratory system - providing beneficial effects.

Caution! Contains small parts - keep out of reach of children! Please see enclosed instructions.

A few minutes of regular daily use can:

  • Ease breathing
  • Benefit the respiratory system
  • Thin mucus and ease expectoration

Package Contents:
  • Ceramic Salt Air Inhaler®
  • Himalayan Salt Crystals (7.75 oz. / 220g)
  • Instructions
  • Price - $34.95

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