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Nasaline -Nasal Irrigator

Item Code: Nasaline
Price: $14.95

Nasaline -Nasal Irrigator Description Below

Why use Nasaline?

  • Nasaline is a nasal irrigation device used to treat nasal symptoms associated with colds, the flu, allergies, or sinus related infections.
  • Under doctor supervision and direction, Nasaline is also an effective tool for use in the follow up treatment to sinus or nose surgery.
  • After a prolonged stay in dry, dusty, or smoky environments, Nasaline cleans and soothes the nasal passages, reducing nasal irritation and moistening the mucous membranes.
  • With the simple use of saline solution, Nasaline is a drug free alternative for people looking for relief from everyday nasal and sinus ailments.

  • What makes Nasaline Unique?

  • Nasaline consists of a 2 oz. syringe and a patented silicone tip.
  • The silicone tip was designed to fit most adult noses in such a way as to completely seal the nostril opening.
  • The channel inside the tip is formed in the shape of an hourglass, producing a gentle swirl stream when the saline solution enters the nose.
  • The silicone tip does not contain latex and is safe for direct contact with the skin.

  • New From Nasaline

  • Now every Irrigator comes with these FREE Extras: 10 Saline Packets and a Protective Sleeve that's great for travel and storage

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