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No More Mildew One Gallon Refill

Item Code: NoMoreMildewRefill
Price: $24.99

No More Mildew One Gallon Refill Description Below

From an industrial use formula, No More Mildew forms an invisible, micro-thin coating to prevent mold, mildew and bacteria growth for up to two full years! Re-apply every couple of years, and mildew could be a worry of the past (showers may require more frequent application). Just think of the benefits No More Mildew offers--no more scrubbing every few weeks, no more breathing in noxious chlorine fumes. Best of all, control the highly allergenic mold spore and the odor associated with it. No More Mildew is a mild, non-toxic and virtually odorless solution that works on any surface where mold and mildew grow. It even works on brick, painted surfaces, roofs and in closets. Musty basement and crawl space odors? Just spray on floors, walls, joists or exposed dirt and the musty smell is gone! Works on indoor plant soil, too. Easy to apply with no mixing or measuring.

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