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Nasaline Snooze Nostril Expander (1 set)

Item Code: SNOOZE-Nostril
Price: $11.66

Nasaline Snooze Nostril Expander (1 set) Description Below

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Nasaline® Snooze Nostril Expander

Nasaline Snooze is a unique device used to enhance breathing, improve sleep, and reduce snoring - naturally. Nasaline Snooze can also be used to improve physical activity such as weight lifting, jogging, and during yoga exercises by improving air intake.

Nasaline® Snooze can be used to aid or alleviate any of the following conditions:

  • Snoring - due to nasal obstruction or mouth breathing.
  • Allergy and cold symptoms - enhances breathing due to nasal congestion.
  • Nasal valve collapse.
  • Septal deviation.
  • Dry mouth - during and after sleeping.

Nasaline Snooze was creatively designed:

  • For optimal nostril expansion without discomfort.
  • With an adjustable connection cord for a perfect fit regardless of distance between nostrils.
  • To be soft and comfortable, yet fit snugly to prevent it from falling out.
  • To be washable and reusable.

How do I use Nasaline® Snooze?

Nasaline® Snooze comes assembled with two nostril expanders and a connector-cord. The connector-cord keeps the expanders from twisting and allows for easier removal. Firmly insert the nostril expanders into each nostril. For additional comfort, we recommend that you rinse the expanders in warm water before use or hold them in your hands a few minutes.


  • Medium or large - $11.66 (for 1 pair, including travel case)

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