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TrucleanEX House Wash 32 Fl.Oz.

Item Code: TrucleanEXHouseWash
Price: $14.99

TrucleanEX House Wash 32 Fl.Oz. Description Below


TrucleanEX House Wash

Contains no solvents, chlorine, phosphates, or abrasives. Highly concentrated, water reducible, biodegrable.

Washes mildewed surfaces. Removes mildew stains. Removes dirt, grease, stains, odors and oxidation. Great penetrating power and cleaning ability. Reduces up to 40:1 for pressure washing. Reduces up to 64:1 for shampooing. Replaces 90% of special cleaners. Performs over 100 cleaning jobs. For interior and exterior use. Low end use cost.

The world’s finest pressure washing concentrate.

There is no other pressure wash that can match the leaning ability and performance of TrucleanEX House Wash. It makes a dirty house look new;

Dilutes up to 40:1;

Bleach is not a cleaner. If you want the surface clean, use House Wash;

It goes further, cleans better, is cheaper to use, and is more versatile than any other pressure washing liquid on the market. Superior cleaning at the lowest cost.


  • Can be used with a pressure washer
  • Can be used with or without bleach
  • No hand scrubbing is needed even on oxidation
  • Can be used in a hand pump sprayer
  • One Quart cuts 40:1 will wash 2200 square ft.
  • Removes all chalking, oxidation, mildew stains, tree stains, dirt
  • No scrubbing necessary

Sizes Available

  • 32 fl.oz. bottle (w/o spray nozzle)—14.99

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