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Clean Air® Ultra Pillow Encasings

Item Code: Ultra-Pillow

Clean Air® Ultra Pillow Encasings Description Below

Standard 21 x 27 (100% Cotton)
Price: $13.99
Queen 21 x 31 (100% Cotton)
Price: $15.99
King 21 x 31 (100% Cotton)
Price: $17.99
Body Pillow 21 x 60 (60% Polyesater & 40% Cotton)
Price: $22.99


Clean Air Pillow Encasings

Clean Air® Ultra Allergy Relief Pillow Encasings are one of the most popular items we carry. These allergy relief pillow covers enclose your entire pillow and zip up to form a barrier. The revolutionary technology in the construction of our luxurious, totally breathable 100% cotton allergen barrier fabric provides the ultimate in comfort, dust allergy relief and protection.

These allergy relief pillow encasings will help you achieve allergy free, relaxing sleep. They are made from 100% Cotton (Only Body Size is 60% Polyester & 40% Cotton). Machine wash warm, tumble dry low. No need to use bleach or harsh detergents. Use our quality laundry detergents for care of these fabrics.

Sizes Available

  • Standard - 21x27 
  • Queen - 21x31 
  • King - 21x37
  • Body (60% Polyester & 40% Cotton) - 21x60

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