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Medibeads Hand Wrap

Item Code: mbhw
Price: $15.99

Medibeads Hand Wrap Description Below


Medibeads Hand Wrap

Designed to surround the hand.  Durable stretch fabric is ideal for range of motion exercises.  Helps prevent and treat pain caused by arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and tendonitis. 

MediBeads is a safe and effective way to achieve fast, natural, drug-free relief at home.  Moist Heat Therapy is a proven pain reliever.  It is used every day in clinics, hospitals, and doctor’s offices to relieve arthritis and joint pain, muscle strains, and stiffness.  Medibeads produce “clean moist heat.”  The time-released heat delivers therapeutic levels of treatment for up to 30 minutes. Through a patent-pending process, MediBeads remain odor-free and will not support mold, bacteria, or fungi growth.  They are easy to use—simply microwave and apply.  MediBeads are ready after just a minute or two in your microwave.  They naturally and continuously replace moisture so there is no need to ever add water.  MediBeads are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  To be effective, treatment should not exceed 30 minutes in any three-hour period.  Ten different styles make application easy.  Unique wrap designs allow treatment during normal activities or exercise.

  • Hands, Elbows, Wrists
  • 5.5” x 7”
  • May also be used for cold therapy

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