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California Wildfire Smoke Filtration

Ridding Your House Of Poor Air Quality

Rely on AllergyOne air purifiers to cleanse the air you breathe in your home, regardless of the air quality outside. Our air purification systems are the best in the industry at filtering unwanted particles from air. These products specialize in filtering smoky air as the result of wildfires.


Wild Fires in Western States

Fire crews will continue mopping up hot spots on the fire perimeter and holding all lines on the fire perimeter. Smoke can still be seen within the fire as interior islands and heavy down material smolder.

Fire crews will continue with fire line suppression repair. Fire line suppression repair is repairing or improving land damaged during fire suppression and line construction. Resource Advisors from the Forest Service identified the extent of suppression repair needed. Those repairs can vary depending upon the intended use of the affected area after the fire. Resource Advisors identify natural and cultural resources which may have been impacted during the Willow Fire.

The Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Team continues their survey of the burn area.. The BAER program is designed to address emergency situations through its key goals of protecting life, property, and critical natural and cultural resources. BAER teams are staffed by specially trained professionals: hydrologists, soil scientists, engineers, biologists, vegetation specialists, archeologists, and others who rapidly evaluate the burned area and prescribe emergency stabilization treatments.


For more info and see a map of all fires follow copy and paste the link below in your browser:


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